HYDROGEN-fueled cars are coming. Where do you get the hydrogen?

“There’s no fuel like an old fuel.”
Fox News reports:

“Despite the lack of a refueling infrastructure and the dubious means by which the majority of commercially available hydrogen is sourced (typically from natural gas that’s undergone steam-methane reforming, a complex process that wastes a lot of energy and produces a lot of CO2), a number of automakers, mostly from Japan, are working to get mass-produced hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars on the roads.”

Comment: all these schemes-hydrogen, ethanol, electric, solar, wind, would work great if you could ignore the energy cost of producing the equipment and the “alternative fuel” itself.
Since the process usually costs more than you get out of it, the major benefit of these boondoggles is a transfer of wealth to the green cabal and a lot of useless churning of human energy. The consumers lose not only money, but also, their freedom to work with a free market to find genuine improvements.